Six pieces (2001)
trumpet and percussion

video by Catriona Stanton

I wrote Six Pieces for trumpet and percussion in May 2001 especially for duo Contour. The six pieces are arranged into three pairs; each pair sees the percussionist at first playing a suspended cymbal and then, in the second of the pair, a vibraphone. The two pieces in each pair present different views of the same material. The work is dedicated to Stephen Altoft and Lee Ferguson. Duration is approximately 15 minutes.
Laurence Crane was born in Oxford in 1961 and studied composition with Peter Nelson and Nigel Osborne at Nottingham University, graduating in 1983. Since 1984 he has lived in London and now works as a freelance editor for music publishers.

Catriona Stanton, Visual artist (Australia)

"Elements of my immediate environment are recorded and investigated in order to communicate an experience of space that is particular to Australia"

Catriona Stanton Over the past year Catriona Stanton has been living in Balgo Hills on the northern edge of the Tanami and Great Sandy Deserts in Western Australia. During this time she was involved in establishing a Cultural Centre and assisting with the daily activities of the Aboriginal Art Centre, Warlayirti Artists. In this context Catriona began investigating perceptions of landscape examining western needs to capture and frame nature and her own relationship to landscape defined by the gaze of the camera. Her latest area of research explores how western constructs of a nature/culture dichotomies are challenged by being immersed in a culture where interrelatedness and belonging are all pervasive.

Catriona Stanton and duo Contour met whilst they were on artistic residences at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada during September 2002.