In your dreams (2005)
trumpet, percussion, tape and video 

In Your Dreams was written for duo Contour .   Its duration is 16 minutes and it is scored for 19- and 24-division trumpets; a percussion kit comprising wooden board, minidisc case (with disc enclosed), cough sweet tin (with chain inside) and piccolo woodblock; DVD (with PA sound track) and 2 further CDs which are transmitted through 2 pairs of NXT transducers.  The DVD is based on a performance by the live artist Barbara Dean in which she washes a floor with her hair (called OEDeliverance¹). 
Donald Bousted¹s microtonal music has evolved predominantly from collaborative projects with performers.  Most is quarter-tonal, although there are pieces in 48-; 36-; 19- and 18-divisions.  A majority of these pieces are for solo recorder or recorder duet and were written over a ten year period of working with recorder players Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman.  During this time The Quarter-Tone Recorder Manual , co-authored with Bennetts and Bowman, was researched and published (Moeck Verlag, 1998) and the 26 minute quarter-tone recorder duet OEA Journey Among Travellers¹ was released on CD following an Arts Council England award.  There is also a quarter-tone euphonium piece; a suite of quarter-tone pieces for alto saxophone; a percussion concerto (which uses quarter-tones in the wind instruments only) and a quarter-tone trumpet concerto.  As well as these instrumental pieces there is a growing output of electro-acoustic work which utilises a range of equal and just tunings.  The great majority of these pieces are structured microtonal works in the sense that the microtonal pitches are incorporated within the fabric of the pitch structure.