Badische Zeitung 10. Februar, 2007

Humour doesn't really belong to the main tenets of new music. Each note, each noise carries an aesthetic weight that lets the interpreter as well as the listener rumple the forehead in concentration. The refreshing concert by duo Contour with Rosemary Yiameos (Oboe) at Freiburg's Elisabeth Schneider Foundation proceeded with less stiffness. And that wasn't just because of the charming moderation by Lee Ferguson (percusson) und Stephen Altoft (trumpet). Also the pieces which chosen under the motto 'generic compositions...' were somewhat playful. 'SoDuKo' by Freiburg Composer, Igor Majcen was specially written for this concert, and is based upon seven-note scales that continually find new combinations. The middle section was shaped by Ferguson on marimba and vibraphone with inherent virtuosity, until Altoft and Yiameos again took over. duo Contour combined highly complex fifteenth-century polyphony (Matteus de Perusio, Magister Zacharias) with Antoine Beuger's ascetic 'peckinpah trios' (2004), which comprise of only a few long notes; Christopher Fox's 'Generic Compositions' (2002) confront unstable Oboe multiphonics with mechanical percussion. At the end it became really funny, as the joyously experimental musicians showed with Tom Johnson's 'eggs and baskets' (1987) how many different ways there are to divide eggs between two baskets. Stephen Altoft and Rosemary Yiameos played through the possibilities of combinations on their instruments with precision. Every note is an egg- none fell down!

Georg Rudiger, Badische Zeitung, Freiburg, Germany. 10/02/07