Musical Theater

How can trumpet and percussion become more engaging?   Our first thoughts fell to theater and film. Our theater project includes the work Battaglia by Igor Majcen. We were able to work with Colin Funk (Precipice Theater) at the Banff Centre as well as Petra Faisst (Freiburg) on Battaglia. This collaboration was indispensable for us and has made our performance of the piece much more spontaneous.
BATTAGLIA (2001/2) for Trumpet and Percussion
The Battaglia or Battle piece has existed as a musical form since the 15 th century.   From its beginnings in the Chanson (Jannequin) and the Madrigal (Monteverdi), it appeared in the opera and then in instrumental music.   Prominent examples are Beethoven's Battle of Victoria and Schostakovich's Leningrad Symphony.   Musical settings of war themes range from pompous/tasteless glorification of war to programmatic descriptiveness.   Many of these compositions are often humorous allegories and fables or satires and parodies.
Igor Majcen's Battaglia for Trumpet and Percussion is a mixture of musical wit, slapstick, and black humor inspired by the literature of Daniil Kharms, a classic author of the absurd, whose macabre sense of humor and grotesque distortions of the text mask a deep despair for the breakdown of the human condition.
The three two-part sections of the work express three different types of dualism:   The fight or conflict (Duell I, II with fragments of text from story No. 13 taken from the cycle “Cases” by Daniil Kharms); “two for one” depicting a symbiotic relationship “blow in the same horn” (Doublett I, II); and a constructive togetherness in the sense of creative complementation (Duett I, II).   The ironic ambiguity embodied in the work is associated with a candid musical pleasure, offering the performers freedom in their own theatrical interpretation.
Daniil Charms
1905 in St. Petersburg geboren, 1942 vermutlich in einem Gefängnis in Leningrad verhungert.   Autor von Kurzgeschichten, Miniszenen, Kinderliteratur und Theaterstücken Rezitator und Interpret von Gedichten, Mitglied des Dichterverbandes „Oberiu“, der „Vereinigung der realen Kunst“
Der Mathematiker und Andrej Semjonowitsch              Daniil Charms (1933)
Mathematiker (holt sich eine Kugel aus dem Kopf)._Ich habe aus meinem Kopf eine Kugel geholt. (4x)_I've pulled a ball out of my head
Andrej Semjonowitsch _Leg sie wieder zurück. (4x) _Put it back.
Mathematiker _Nein, das tue ich nicht! (4x) _No, I won't
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Dann eben nicht. (4x)_Well don't then.
Mathematiker_Ich lege sie nicht zurück! (4x)_So I won't then!
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Ist ja gut. (3x)_Well, that's ok.
Mathematiker_Ich habe gesiegt! (3x)_So, I won!
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Du hast gesiegt, und jetzt gib Ruh!_All right, you won, now just calm down!
Mathematiker_Nein, ich gebe keine Ruh! (3x)_No, I won't calm down!
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Du bist zwar Mathematiker, aber ehrlich gesagt, klug bist du nicht._You may be a Mathematician, but my word, your not very bright
Mathematiker_Doch, ich bin klug und wieß sehr viel! (3x)_No, I'm bright and know an awful lot.
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Viel, aber lauter Blödsinn._A lot yes, but its all rubbish
Mathematiker_Nein, keinen Blödsinn! (3x)_No, it's not all rubbish!
Andrej Semjonowitsch_Ich habe es satt, mich mit dir herumzustreiten!_I am fed up with arguing with you!
Mathematiker_Nein, du hast es nicht satt! (3x)_No, you're not fed up!
Andrej Semjonowitsch winkt ärgerlich ab und geht.   Der Mathematiker bleibt einen Augenblick stehen, dann folgt er Andrej Semjonowitsch. _Andrej Semjonowitsch schakes his head in frustration and leaves. The Mathematician thinks for a moment and then follows Andrej Semjonowitsch.
Vorhang. Curtain.

In 2010 we will begin work on Igor’s new BATTAGLIA which will incorporate the first piece plus new movements!