Banff Centre for the Arts

We attended the fall residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 2002.   During this eleven-week residency we collaborated with the Australian visual artist Catriona Stanton who composed a video realization of Laurence Crane's Six Pieces from material that she collected during her yearlong residence in an aboriginal community in the Australian desert. We were also able to work with the theater director, Colin Funk, on Igor Majcen's Battaglia. Professional recording' were made of works by James Saunders, Laurence Crane, Alexander Grebtschenko and Philipp Blume. Both Igor Majcen and Philipp Blume were able to travel to Banff to work with us on their respective compositions. We were able to work with D'arcy Philipp Gray (Percussion, McGill University), Jens Lindeman (Trumpet, former Canadian Brass) and Alan Bell (Composition, U of Calgary).