We performed our first score to Silent film at the summer youth orchestra in Shropshire, England in 2001 (Bedstone International Summer Youth Orchestra). We were both surprised at the positive resonance hat we received and the encouragement to carry this project further.   The Buster Keaton films, Sherlock Junior and Cops, were our first film for which we created a soundtrack. 

Recently, we have worked with the composers and filmmaker, Donald Bousted, on two different pieces with video entitled Verses III-IV and In Your Dreams.   We have yet to perform the full Verses cycle with video but have done In Your Dreams numerous times (most recently in Wild Dog 4, a multimedia event organized by the composer). 

The English composer, Robert Mackay, also wrote us a work that uses live electronics and live video. This is a very engaging piece entitled Altered Lanscapes which uses Slate Mining in Wales as a central theme.