We have examined methods in which we can integrate improvisation concepts (i.e. Vinko Globokar's Individum/Collectivum, Karlheinz Stockhausen's Improvisationen anregungen, Bryn Harrison's Texts for Improvisation, and our own self-developed concepts) into our concerts. The use of improvisation is something that our duo has always been interested in- it challenges our perceptions of aesthetics, develops both sound and instrumental techniques, and creates a sense of true 'ensemble'.

Although we have taken a break from 'sundays at five', we had been improvising every Sunday from 5pm until 6pm in our rehearsal space in the Lagerhausstra├če and then in the Kronenmattenstra├če in Freiburg. This hour was the only constraint given, leaving everything else free.

Our last improvisation project was with composer-improviser, Thomas Wenk (electric piano/Sketcher)- Schwarzweiss, which used live video of his drawings as a catalyst and also a sound producing instrument. This was performed at the Elisabeth-Scheider-Stiftung in Freiburg and at the Radbrunnen in Breisach, Germany.