Microtonal Instruments

Microtonal Trumpet

Between 2001-2, Stephen was a consultant for the Centre for New Musical Instruments, London, (CNMI) where he was responsible for learning and commenting on a prototype microtonal trumpet. After further research, Stephen developed, in collaboration with Johannes Radeke and Siegmar Fischer in Freiburg, Germany, a fourth (rotary) valve mechanism to enable the conversion of his existing trumpets into microtonal instruments (a 19-division B flat trumpet and quarter-tone C trumpet).
This work has been in collaboration with Dr Donald Bousted of Microtonal Projects UK, an expert in microtonal composition, and was part of a larger project to write a microtonal trumpet manual, dealing with quarter-tones, eighth-tones and 19-division tuning.
To date we have commissioned duo pieces with the 19-divison trumpet from Donald Bousted, Jim Gardner (with finding provided by Creative New Zealand), Michael Parsons, Michael Spenser and for the quarter-tone trumpet from Donald Bousted and Yu Ching Chiang.
New works for the duo with the microtonal trumpet are being planned by Carlos Carillo Cotto (Puerto Rico/USA), Philipp Blume (USA) and Jean Philippe Calvin (F).

Microtonal Percussion

Lee has invested in a Malletkat which he can retune to play in different tunings using Little Miss Scale Oven (Link) and Kontakt. He will be presenting it at UKMicrofest4 in London in March 2011. Already composers Eleri Angharad Pound, Scott McLaughlin and  Alexander Grebtschenko are begining new pieces for this instrument for the UK Microfest 4 in March 2011 and we look forward to developing some more repertoire!

Lee also has a one octave, 96-division (16th-tones) Bellophone developed by Tony Salinas.