Text, Film and Music

in February of 2006 we began a project entitled, Tales of Paper and Flame.   For this project we collaborated with the visual artist J. Carlos Ferguson, the origami artist Joan Sallas, and the actor Moise Schmidt to create an evening that combines Music, Text, Film, and Origami into an inspiring and one-of-a-kind event that blurs the boundaries between these different art genres in a subtle and sensible manner.

The program consists of eight one-minute films that the visual artist J. Carlos Ferguson composed using damaged material from home video footage from the 1950s and 60s. ‘The Fairytale' and ‘The was once a man who's name was Kuznikov' by Daniil Charms animated and filmed by Lee Forrest Ferguson using original origami by the Catalonian artist Joan Sallas and narrated by the Freiburg based actor Moise Schmidt. Joan Sallas instructed the audience on the folding of one of his original origami works during the evening.   In addition, Moise Schmidt read self-composed texts and ‘The Flame' by Christian Morgenstern.   This being all accompanied by us (with some singing as well!)

This project has received a very positive response!

Geschichten aus Papier und Flamme

'ein spannendes Kultur- und Unterhaltungskonzept'
'a compelling cultural and entertainment concept'

‘ein geradezu avantgardistisches und ausgesprochen stimmiges Programm'      
'undeniably avant-garde and decidedly harmonious programme'

‘aufs Feinste instrumentalisiert'
'exceptionally orchestrated'

Marion Klötzer, Badische Zeitung 15. Februar, 2006