Wentzinger Gymnasium New Music Project

duo Contour worked with Class 6B and their music teacher Katrin Nieder on the production of a piece combining acoustic and electronic sounds. The piece took the idea of ‘listening' as a starting point, whereby the pupils were sent to various parts of the city to listen for a few minutes and describe what they heard. They then went on to consider the ‘elements' of music (pitch, rhythm, dynamic, orchestration, form etc).

duo Contour also collaborated with the Theatre Group and Katrin Nieder on a piece called ‘The Dark Side of the Earth', influenced by Igor Majcen's Battaglia and Daniil Charms' Andrey Semyonovich and the Mathematician.

This was part of a larger new music project initially conceived by Christof Löser and Matthias Handschick. Other composers and performers working with the pupils were Phlipp Blume, Oscar Garrido, Bettina Crimmins, Kun Hee Yuk, and the Contemporary Big Band Project.

The work took place over the school year 2004-5, and the pieces received performances during the last week in September, 2005. duo Contour also took part in a workshop and discussion, and performed ‘Verses 1' by Donald Bousted.