Forza (2000)
trumpet, percussion and live electronics

Forza is divided into three main sections: solo percussion and tape, trumpet and tape with live electronics and then a short coda with percussion, trumpet and tape. The focus of the trumpet part is upon timbre as the performer plays a slow series of pitches which are derived from overtones contained with in the electronic sounds on the tape. Subtle use of live electronics is also used to alter the natural sound of the trumpet. Similarly, the perccussion part contains rhythms which are influenced by the scraping and dragging noises on the tape. The musical result is an abstract expression of physical force (in section 1), and the force of human emotion (in section 2).
Ewan Stefani was born in 1971 and grew up in East Lothian, Scotland. After completing a music diploma course at Napier University in Edinburgh, he moved to Leeds to study electronic composition. Since 1995, Ewan has been teaching Music Technology at the University of Leeds while continuing his research into various aspects of computer music. He is an active member of the UK Sonic Arts Network and has enjoyed regular performances of his tape pieces and other works.

Recording (clicking on link opens a new window): HIGH, LOW